When registering for City2Surf, you will need to select your start wave (aka start group). This is the very first step so make sure you read and understand which start wave you want to enter!

Your start wave is a colour and will reflect your start time and start zone on event day. To help you have the best experience on the day, please select the start wave that’s right for you based on how long you think it will take you to complete the 14km course. Don’t worry! Your time will only begin and end as you cross the start and finish line timing mats. 

For those speedsters looking to start at the front of the pack - there are 3 waves that require qualifying. You can either complete a start wave application using results from previous events or your own records, or you might already be start wave qualified if you have participated in one of our events before! Check out the list below.

If you are start wave qualified, you will be able to choose your qualified start wave when registering. For everyone else, there are five open start waves which you can choose. 

If you want to run with friends or family, you should all select the same start wave. 

Once a start wave sells out, no further entries will become available. 

City2Surf start crowd content

Choose Your Start Wave

Open Start waves are available to enter for everyone. All pushed wheelchairs, strollers and participants with service dogs should enter the orange wave. 

The Charity Superstar Wave is a priority start wave exclusive to Charity Superstars only - find out more.


startgroups green


7:40am start

startwave 2 pink


7:56am start

startgroups blue6

sport is calling


8:21am start

startwave 2 yellow


9:04am start

startwave 2 orange


9:34am start

Is this the right wave for me? You’ve been training hard and ready to smash Heartbreak Hill and go for that PB (and maybe pre-qualify for 2025!)  For semi-serious runners who intend to run the whole distance and give it a red-hot crack!  You’re a runner who will try to run or jog the whole way but you’re also keen to have a good time.  The yellow wave is for everyone! Including runners, joggers, walkers and groups.  Everyone is welcome in the orange wave! This group is for runners, fun groups, joggers, families, disco partiers, pushed wheelchairs and walkers. 


Qualifying start waves require evidence from the runner of being able to run 14km within a certain time. See below for more information on how to submit your start wave application. 


startwave 2 elite


7:35am start

startwave 2 red


7:35am start

startwave 2 red


7:35am start

Is this the right wave for me?

Elite runners looking to place in the top 30 should enter the elite wave. 

Sub-elite speedy runners hunting down elites.

You’re an active runner who intends to race against the clock… Strava flex much?
Qualifying Time Required – Based on 14km  M: Sub48mins
F: Sub56mins
M: 48mins -53mins
F: 56mins - 60mins
Required Run Pace (10km+) M: 3:25min/km or faster
F: 4:00min/km or faster
M: 3:25min/km - 3:50min/km
F: 4:00min/km - 4:30min/km
5:00min/km and faster



Applying for a Qualifying Start Wave

If you did not compete in the above events, you will need to fill out the Qualifying Form and provide proof via weblink or finisher certificate of you running the qualifying time or pace at any official race, anywhere in the world, but the race must have been completed within the last 2 years and be 10km or longer in distance.

If you have not competed in an official race in the past 2 years, you will need to fill out the Start Wave Application Form and provide proof of you running the qualifying race time or pace using your Garmin, Strava, or MapMyRun results web link to qualify. We will accept times from these resources anywhere in the world, within the past 6 months that are 10km or more in distance. Please ensure your account is set to public for us to be able to see and assess your request. If your account is private, your request will be automatically declined.

If you have completed any of the below events in the required race pace or qualifying time, you will automatically qualify into the appropriate qualifying start wave. No further action is required. Please ensure your name and DOB match exactly as when registering for those events. If you would like to qualify for a faster start wave, you will need a submit an application with the required race time/pace.

  • City2Surf 2022, City2Surf 2023
  • The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon 2022, HOKA Runaway Sydney Half Marathon 2023 | 2024 - 10km, Half Marathon
  • Runaway Noosa Marathon 2022 | 2023 – 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon
  • Runaway Hawkes Bay Marathon 2022 | 2023 - 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon
  • New Zealand Sothebys International Realty Queenstown Marathon 2022 | 2023- 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon
  • Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Marathon 2023 - 11km, Half Marathon or Marathon

Apply Here

Applications for Qualifying Start Waves are now closed. All qualifying start waves are now at capacity.